Crowne Hill Real Estate Crowne Hill is a beautiful master planned community located in Southeast Temecula

    Located in the gentle rolling hills between Winchester and SR 79 South in Temecula is the beautiful planned development of Crowne Hill. Potential residents will be swept away as they view the wondrous natural elements of this community, including the green landscape, vast blue skies, and undulating hills. Also, with a very strong sense of family and community, residents of Crowne Hill truly believe in quality of living. Residents in this area enjoy single family detached homes that range in size from approximately 2,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet.

    There are 1,000+ homes in this residential community, offering potential buyers a variety of residences to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an excellent place to raise your family, or you want to search out a home in a wonderful neighborhood, then shopping for a home in Crowne Hill is for you.

    Homeowners in Crowne Hill have access to a plethora of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the surrounding areas. Plus, Crowne Hill residents have access to a variety of community amenities. Most importantly, though, Crowne Hill is a neighborhood that prides itself on friendly neighbors, well-maintained homes, public parks, and recreation facilities.